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PL-Pro/II (733):
This product has been discontinued. Information provided for support purposes only.
  Package includes:  

• Genuine Intel Celeron processor

• Custom ball-bearing fan heatsink

• Power cable

• Illustrated User's Guide

•CPU Control Panel Software. Download here.

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PowerLeap PL-ProIIv2.2 Installation Guide
(PDF file: 990KB / 34 pages)
Date: July, 2000
* With installation instructions for black heatsink and retaining clip

PowerLeap PL-Pro/II Installation Guide
(PDF file: 416KB / 26 pages)
Updated: May, 2000
** With installation instructions for gold heatsink


PowerLeap is proud to introduce the PL-Pro/II, an upgrade kit for adapting Pentium Pro (Socket 8) systems to the voltage and pinout requirements of the new generation of Intel Celeron processors. The PL-Pro/II lets you enjoy the most cost-effective Celeron CPU upgrade solution--without replacing your computer's mainboard.

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The PowerLeap PL-Pro/II supports both the FC-PGA and PPGA Celeron CPUs. This adaptability gives you the choice of using either the newest Celerons on the market or earlier Celerons. The PL-Pro/II supports the 766MHz, 700MHz, 633MHz, 600MHz, 566MHz, 533MHz, 500MHz, 466MHz, 433MHz, 400MHz, 366MHz, 333MHz, and 300MHz Celeron processors.


Special Features

  • Delivers the most cost-effective CPU upgrade solution for Socket 8 (Pentium Pro) systems.
  • Supports the Intel Celeron 766MHz, 700MHz, 633MHz, 600MHz, 566MHz, 533MHz (FC-PGA), and 533MHz (PPGA), 500MHz, 466MHz, 433MHz, 400MHz, 366MHz, 333MHz, and 300MHz processors on a 66/60MHz bus.
  • Supports Intel's Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE).
  • Offers quick and easy installation.
  • Includes the exclusive PowerLeap CPU Control Panel utility software for maximum performance.
  • Supports the high-performance 128KB level-2 cache and 32KB level-1 cache (consisting of separate 16KB instruction and 16KB data caches). The L1 and L2 caches run at the same processor speed.
  • Offers unique 2-phase redundant CPU overheating protection.
  • Provides intelligent overcurrent protection circuitry.
  • Includes Autodetect VRM (Voltage Regulating Module) circuitry.
  • Supports 1.3V~3.5V (ascending by 0.05V and 0.1V) with 21 voltage settings for V/Core.
  • Provides dual-CPU support (requires an SMP-compliant version of the Celeron).

PL-Pro/II Software Downloads

Linux L2 cache enabler
This Linux Kernel Patch enables the L2 cache on the PL-Pro/II. For Linux OS only (tested with Red Hat version 6.1).

plpro-ii-patch.gz (10/04/00) Thanks to Peter Schneider!
Note: Read these installation instructions first.

L2enabler_v2.txt version 2.0 (01/25/00)
L2enabler_v1.txt version 1.0 (01/21/00)

WCPUL2 Utility to adjust L2 cache latency
This utility (freeware) allows you to adjust the timing between the CPU core and the on-chip L2 cache. Use this utility to increase the L2 cache latency if your system becomes unstable (crashes, locks-up, etc...) with the PL-Pro/II.

WCPUL2 version 1.6 (04/25/99) Copyright H.Oda

WCPUID Utility to Identify the 2nd CPU
Since the CPU Control Panel at present can only give information about the primary processor, this (freeware) utility is useful for dual-CPU systems because it correctly identifies both CPUs.

WCPUID version 2.7a (01/10/00) Copyright H.Oda

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