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Includes adapter, and custom HSF (Must purchase CPU separately.)

This item is currently unavailable.
PL-P4/N Install Video (56K)

PL-P4/N Install Video (Cable/DSL)

  1.  Fits in any Socket-423 P4 motherboard.

2.  Custom heatsink/fan solution included.

3.  Also includes hardware to allow use of other P4 heatsink/fans (access to underside of motherboard required for installation).

3.  Arctic Alumina polysynthetic Thermal Compound.

5.  90 Day Warranty.  30-day money back guarantee.

6.  Illustrated Installation Guide.

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Abit (all)
Alienware Area 51
Aopen AX4T
Asus (all)
Biostar M7TDR
Compaq Deskpro EXS
Compaq Presario 7000,  7003US, 7118US, 7151wm

Dell Dimension 8100
Dell Optiplex GX400
Dell Precision Workstation 330
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Gateway ATXSTF MNT 700C
Gateway Performance 1300,  XL
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IBM Intellistation M-Pro 6831; 6849
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Introducing the PowerLeap PL-P4/N™ the newest member of our CPU upgrade family!  The patented PL-P4/N™ allows Socket-423 Pentium 4 motherboards to upgrade to Socket-478 Pentium 4 processors, such as the "Northwood" Pentium-4.  Wow!

Technical Highlights:

  • Supports Pentium-4 Northwood, Willamette, and P4 Celeron processors.

  • Custom high-performance heatsink/fan assembly (available).

  • Arctic Alumina polysynthetic Thermal Compound.

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
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  Reviews, etc...
  Bob Matthews reviews the PL-P4/N 2.6GHz in a Dell dimension 8100

ViperLair Test Report: Upgrading a Dell Precision Workstation 330. upgrades a DFI WT70-EC Socket 423 P4 motherboard to 2.6GHz.




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