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PL-Neo/T Adapter
This product has been discontinued. Information provided for support purposes only.

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 upgrade options:


1.  Genuine Intel™ Processor.

2.  High quality heatsink/fan.

4.  PL-Neo/T Illustrated Installation Guide. Available for download here.


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Note:  this list is by no means comprehensive!  If your system is not listed, it doesn't mean that it's not compatible - most likely, it hasn't been upgraded yet.  Be the first!
Celeron(tm) Processor
Click here to view Intel's Webmark™ benchmarks for the Tualatin Celeron.


Industry Article:  "The Little Celeron That Could"

Powerleap PL-Neo/T™

The Neo/T™, successor to the Neo S370, is a lower-cost "DIY" socket adapter that may be safely used on Socket-370 motherboards that use the Intel i815 chipset, revision "B"*. The Neo/T™ does not include the GTL conversion circuitry featured on the PL-370/T. CPU core voltage selection is pre-set to 1.55v and cannot be changed. The FSB bus-speed is selectable via jumper between 100 MHz and 133 MHz.

Note: Compatibility may vary. Some untested systems and motherboards may have issues - check our compatibility list or submit your system info before purchasing. Our 30-day money back guarantee applies to all PowerLeap upgrades.

* Which chipset do you have? To find out, check our CPU Upgrade Finder. Note the chipset type and revision on the "Mainboard" tab. If you've got the Intel i815/E/EP series chipset revision "B", you can use the Neo/T. Revision "A" of the i815 chipset and all other chipsets may notbe compatible with the PL-Neo/T.

**Please Note: PL-370/T has also been discontinued.** Installation information provided here for reference purposes only.

PowerLeap PL-370/T

PL-Neo/T™ Total Upgrade Solution includes:

  • Your choice of Intel Pentium-III or Celeron "Tualatin" CPU.

  • Custom high-performance heatsink/fan

  • One-year warranty on adapter and  CPU.

  • Arctic Alumina polysynthetic Thermal Compound.

PL-NEO/T™ adapter only includes:

  • Custom replacement clip for your existing heatsink/fan (works with the heatsink/fan that comes with "Boxed" Intel processors).

  • One-year warranty on adapter.

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