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  Finding the best CPU upgrade for your PC couldn't be easier!  
  How it works:
The Quick CPU Upgrade Finder gathers technical information about your PC's CPU, Mainboard, and Memory.  You can view this data in the window at right. The data can also be printing out, or the text file saved for safe keeping.

  To send us the information from the Upgrade Finder, save the information to a text file (By selecting the "Upgrade" tab, then clicking on the "Save Information" button.), then cut-and-paste it into an email using your own email client software (Outlook, Eudora, AOL, etc...) and send it to:

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Please don't use the pre-formatted email (under "Suggest an Upgrade"), but rather save the data as a text file by selecting the "Upgrade" tab, then clicking on "Save Information". This data can be sent to PowerLeap Products Canada's technical support staff for free CPU upgrade advice.

Note:  The above ActiveX component requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, with ActiveX controls/plug-ins enabled (at least to "Prompt" level).  If you are using MS Internet Explorer and the data doesn't display or any other error occurs, please help us by sending feedback, thanks!

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