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Server Upgrades are here! Powerleap has recently released several new upgrades targeted at multi-CPU servers, including products for Slot-1, Socket-370, and Slot-2 Xeon systems! June, 2003
Take a look at the appropriate model below...
PL-iP4 Hyper-Thread Enabling adapter released. Review at Tom's Hardware May, 2003
...the benchmarks are proof positive of the obvious advantages of this technology. It is not by accident that Intel will soon introduce other Pentium 4 CPUs, which offer HT at even lower clock rates.
PowerLeap introduces the PL-P4/N upgrade for Socket-423 Pentium 4 systems. July, 2002
This patented upgrade allows early Pentium 4 systems to upgrade to the latest Intel "Northwood" Pentium 4 processor, as high as 2.6 GHz.
Maximum PC calls it, "a Kick-Ass Product"!
Robert Hancock (popular contributor to the DellTalk forum and author of the Dell Dimension Processor Upgrade FAQ) benchmarks the 1.4 GHz PL-iP3/T. June, 2002
In testing the 1.4 GHz PL-iP3/T in his Dell Dimension XPS-R system, Robert Hancock remarks, "Putting in a 1.4 GHz CPU will give a pretty significant performance boost to an older Slot 1-based machine. It's an especially good deal for the older XPS R machines, as you can triple the original CPU clock speed on the same motherboard."



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