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PowerLeap PL-370/T
The PowerLeap PL-P3/SMP™ is a patented processor upgrade for Dual CPU Slot-1 Pentium II and Pentium-III systems and motherboards. 
With the PL-P3/SMP™, such systems can reach speeds up to 1.4 GHz, using Intel Pentium III-S™ ("Tualatin" core, 512KB L2 cache) processors. 
The PL-P3/SMP™ provides presice control over core voltage, an integrated VRM, uses patented IPS technology, and is built with extremely high-quality components in a 6 layer design.
What the heck is a "Tualatin"?

Are you a Corporation, Government or Educational organization?

If your organization is looking for options to upgrade your IT environemnt, we can help. Whether you have a few stand alone machines, or a comprehensive network, complete with in-house servers and LAN workstations, we can discuss possible solutions.

To help your organization perform at peak productivity, PowerLeap offers a unique program geared toward the special requirements of corporations.

Volume pricing information is available exclusively to authorized PowerLeap corporate customers. Contact Sales at for more information.



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